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Explosive Movement Training

As you reach for the next level and beyond, the quest for more explosive speed and power becomes your key to success. Enter Coach Emile Reed (Coach E), a dedicated mentor for over 30 years, offering athletes a personalized plan of action. Coach E’s passion for high-performance coaching and expert analysis ensures not just goal setting, but goal smashing, with accountability every step of the way.

For dedicated coaches committed to unlocking their athletes’ full potential, or for athletes seeking to enhance their explosive speed and power, valuable support is available. Whether facing challenges in overcoming mental barriers or aiming to elevate team athletic abilities, expert guidance is readily accessible to pave the way forward.

Step into the world of Reed’s latest game-changer “From the Ground Up – A how-to guide to explosive speed & power.” Launched in April 2022, this is your concise guide to refining form and technique for boosting explosive speed and power, essential for achieving athletic excellence. Packed with cutting-edge training drills, coaching techniques, and scientifically-proven methodologies, this is a must-have resource for elevating your explosive dynamic movement.

Discover how to unlock your athletic potential with actionable strategies demonstrated in detailed video examples. Experience the transformation firsthand as you apply these techniques. Begin your journey toward peak performance today.

Maximize Your
Athletic Potential

Explosive Speed

We begin with your natural movement and positioning, then analyze the findings to develop a step-by-step plan to fundamentally increase your explosive speed (Reactive Time).

With sound coaching techniques and philosophy we introduce exercises and drills to enhance and improve your biomechanical movement that translates into positive results. Every plan is tailor-made to fit you.

Explosive Power

How much power do you want?

Power is what pushes you past the rest of the pack.

Let’s analyze the power exercises you currently perform. Are they working? Could they be better?

​Based on your specific sport and goal, we fine-tune those exercises and introduce new power-related drills using weight-lifting techniques that Olympians employ in their training.

We are always mindful that every analysis is individualized to the requirements of your needs and goals.

Neuro Movement

Neuro Movement focuses on optimizing your cerebellum—the brain’s command center for coordination, movement, and crucially, vision and eye control. As athletes, you understand the vital role your eyes play in sports—they’re constantly at work, guiding your movements and decisions. Developing a strong connection with your cerebellum not only enhances physical coordination but also improves visual acuity and hand-eye coordination.

When I apply Neuro Movement coaching, I leverage sensory cues and advanced mapping techniques to refine your cerebellar neural pathways. Through targeted coaching, we’ll nurture your cerebellum’s responsiveness, leading to tangible improvements in sport-specific movements, heightened proprioception, and enhanced reflexive stability.

Achieve peak performance through adaptation and new approaches with Neuro Movement.

Training Rates

Explosive Dynamic Movement Training - $150 per 1.5 hour
Neuro Movement Training - $125 per hour
From the Ground Up Bootcamp - $297 Two Days


“Working with Emile has stretched my awareness of body mechanics. Along with the direct instruction of our sessions, he gives subtle tips that cue me to better form when I'm training alone."
-Daniel Roach
Professional Boxer
“My name is Natasha 'The Nightmare' Spence. I'm the former WBF Super Lightweight World Champion. I've been training with Coach Emile Reed (Coach E) off and on for about 8 years of my boxing career. I can (without a doubt) say that I've been at my strongest, sharpest, and fastest when I was able to have him in my training camps. I am a different athlete now because of everything Coach E has taught me. My performance, as well as, my mental fortitude as an elite athlete is far superior after all the time I was lucky enough to put in under the guidance of Coach Emile Reed.”​
Natasha Spence
Professional Boxer
“As a competitive tennis player, I am always looking for an edge on the court; normally that means more on-court training. I never thought my advantage would come from Coach E's customized training program. He is a miracle man. My fitness level improved tremendously, to the point that my opponents noticed. Not only that--I was able to take advantage of Coach E's vast Track & Field knowledge to improve my sprinting technique and my overall on-court speed. His programs are structured and well balanced.

Coach Emile is a real gem; he cares that you succeed and pushes you to achieve your best.”​
John Perietean
Competitive Tennis Player

Enhance Your
Explosive Speed & Power and mental prowess