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Amplify your speed, power, and reaction time in 16 weeks or less!

How I Can Help

If you’re an athlete who’d like to be faster – sharpen how you move on your feet, and amplify your power, or you experience performance pressure from other stressors outside of training or practicing your craft, and would like to develop more mental toughness, I can help.

We’ll enhance and refine your explosive dynamic movement, from the ground up! The goal is to give you an edge over your competition. We add mental performance training to the formula so that you can develop a stronger mind-muscle connection and achieve ultimate peak performance minus the internal and external stressors.

Ready to push to the next level and beyond? To get there you will need more speed, explosiveness, and power. For more than 30 years, Emile Reed (Coach E) has dedicated himself to athletes, providing them with a plan of action so they can do just that. Combining expert analysis and high-performance coaching – all with passion – he will hold you accountable to your training goals and help unlock your full potential.



We begin with your natural movement and positioning, then analyze the findings to develop a step-by-step plan to fundamentally increase your speed and explosiveness (Reactive Time).

With sound coaching techniques and philosophy we introduce exercises and drills to enhance and improve your biomechanical movement that translates into positive results. Every plan is tailor-made to fit you.


How much power do you want?
Power is what pushes you past the rest of the pack.

Let’s analyze the power exercises you currently perform. Are they working? Could they be better?

Based on your specific sport and goal, we fine-tune those exercises and introduce new power-related drills using weight-lifting techniques that Olympians employ in their training.

We are always mindful that every analysis is individualized to the requirements of your needs and goals.


Easier said than done when the pressure builds and your energy is fading. Drills and exercise only do so much. ​ ​​

We strive to elevate the athlete’s mind to its optimal level in order to reach the Elite Mind-Set. The Elite-Mind Set is the ability to push yourself in training, reach new heights and maintain those peak levels during the performance. ​​

​ Learn to block out the negatives and the peripherals, and start learning to be the best you can be. Learn to soar higher than you ever imagined.​

Training Rates

Mental Performance Training - $175 per hour
(12 sessions)
From The Ground Up - $250 per 1.5 hours
(24 sessions)
Create My Package (Fine TuninG) - $300 per 1.5 hours
(choose the number of sessions you want)


“Working with Emile has stretched my awareness of body mechanics. Along with the direct instruction of our sessions, he gives subtle tips that cue me to better form when I'm training alone."
-Daniel Roach
Professional Boxer
“My name is Natasha 'The Nightmare' Spence. I'm the former WBF Super Lightweight World Champion. I've been training with Coach Emile Reed (Coach E) off and on for about 8 years of my boxing career. I can (without a doubt) say that I've been at my strongest, sharpest, and fastest when I was able to have him in my training camps. I am a different athlete now because of everything Coach E has taught me. My performance, as well as, my mental fortitude as an elite athlete is far superior after all the time I was lucky enough to put in under the guidance of Coach Emile Reed.”​
Natasha Spence
Professional Boxer
“As a competitive tennis player, I am always looking for an edge on the court; normally that means more on-court training. I never thought my advantage would come from Coach E's customized training program. He is a miracle man. My fitness level improved tremendously, to the point that my opponents noticed. Not only that--I was able to take advantage of Coach E's vast Track & Field knowledge to improve my sprinting technique and my overall on-court speed. His programs are structured and well balanced.

Coach Emile is a real gem; he cares that you succeed and pushes you to achieve your best.”​
John Perietean
Competitive Tennis Player

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